50MG Δ8 THC Lollipop

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These sweet lollipops are sure to give a nice buzz without being overwhelming. At 50mg each, they are perfect for those wanting a lower dose. Some people have found that the sublingual absorption gives a faster onset of effects.

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Green Apple, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Grape, Orange, Tropical Sunset, Sangria, Assorted


Single, Dozen

6 reviews for 50MG Δ8 THC Lollipop

  1. Ashley M.

    all around a good product i just wish there was a little more dose to it. all around a good product a nice change of pace from my typical orders tho! definitely going to keep em rotating in my orders bc of how good the flavors were.

  2. Ally G.

    Good at masking the flavor of the dose and great taste. a little tacky on the teeth otherwise a great buy.

  3. ajayr97

    Pop was larger than expected but the dosing was solid, definitely a good dose for the value

  4. lrm1997

    The tropical sunset flavor has truly blessed my taste buds, its just slaps. Grape and green apple were good too, but i cant wait to try em all! 5/5!!!

  5. Dariushg77

    great dose for a chill time and and enough to keep ya going. flavor variety was lit

  6. tsimmons

    Good flavoring for the grape just a little hard to chew through once it got crunchy. Dose was solid and all around a good product for the price!

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