Lab Reports

Below are all of the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) that we have available on our products. This page will be updated as we receive them.

Delta-9 THC COAs:

Groovy Gummies COA

420mg Cannacups COA

100mg Cookie COA

D9 Sunshine Bar COA

D9 Cosmic Cookie Cake COA

D9 Brownie COA

D9 Chocolate Bar COA

Delta-8 THC COAs:

50mg Vegan Gummy COA

100mg Oreo COA

150mg Cookie COA

400mg Chocolate Bar COA

500mg Cereal Bar COA

Retired COAs:

100mg Gummy COA

50mg Lolipop COA

400mg Royal Coil COA

750mg Cereal Bar COA

1000mg Super Brownie COA

1000mg Royal Coil COA

1000mg Cookie Bar COA